SNL Classics: Jimmy Tango’s Fat Busters (aka Ride the Snake)

I remember everyone being so surprised when Jim Carrey’s SNL hosted in 1996. Considering his years on In Living Color, his ability to perform even the most odd and bizarre of sketches, should not have surprised anyone.

Plus I find this sketch really emphasizes Carrey’s incredibly physicality – with both body and face.

Pardon me while I try to find a version of the video that non Hulu+ subscribers can see

“Combining the miracle of modern technology with the secrets of ordinary street junkies!”

Jimmy Tango should totally make a guest appearance on the last episodes of Breaking Bad.

Personally, I don’t need Jimmy Tango and his magical meth to make me cry when I see a tree.

The manic clapping, the sleeping in your oven, the knowledge the you are now the’s all worth it.

Plus, the awesome phrase: RIDE THE SNAKE (ride the snake)

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