One-hour to Oscar…and live blogging and final musings

Yep. It’s that time again this year.

And yes, like other award shows, I will be live blogging the whole thing.

I’ve been lucky enough to see every nominated film and while I think we are probably going see Argo take home the big prize, but I gotta say, controversial as it has been Zero Dark Thirty was a brilliant film. Far more morally ambiguous with a deeper emotional core ZDT was  a lot more complex and had to function on a higher level than Argo. That being said, I’ll be perfectly happy with an Argo win. 

Actually I’ll be fine as long as any movie other than Les Mis wins. Cuz, c’mon…really?

So settle back, get your snacks, figure out your bathroom breaks and meet me back here at 8:30 for Seth Macfarlane, what I imagine will be a slew of inappropriate and maybe funny jokes, and Hollywood doing what it does best…celebrating itself.


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