Doctor Who’s web series – Pond Life

Only 5 days until the new season of Doctor Who which will contain among other things, dinosaurs on a spaceship. But it will also contain the end of the Doctor’s journey with Amy and Rory.

To count down to the premiere the BBC is releasing several very mini-episodes of Pond Life, a look at Rory and Amy in between the Doctor’s visits.

The first 2 episodes of Pond Life are online now, broken down by months:



Surfing fire. Sleeping with Mata Hari. Rapping. Ah, the life of the Doctor. I’ll drink to that.



“Don’t worry about the future. The future is really…safe. Really really safe.” Those might be some of the most unsettling words the Doctor has said in a long time.

Future mini-sodes of Pond Life will go online each day at noon until the season premieres.

I’m enjoying these little glimpses into the life of Amy and Rory (mostly) sans Doctor. Part of what has made seasons 5 and 6 so emotionally resonant is their relationship, and their relationship with the Doctor as a couple. While it took Rory a little bit of time to catch up, both Ponds (because let’s face, they are so the Ponds) are equal partners with each other and the Doctor.

And their goodbye is something I just can’t think about right now.

Season 7 of Doctor Who will air on BBC America this Saturday night. I hear the call of the TARDIS already…

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