Trailer: Doctor Who Series 7

Remember, fezzes are cool

God, I love Doctor Who. I mean really really love it. Granted, I haven’t watched the older episodes so most Whovians probably wouldn’t consider me a real fan. But I have religiously watched since Christopher Eccleston took up residence in the TARDIS (even downloading the episodes when they only aired in the UK).  I have seen every episode at least twice, including all the Christmas specials. I loved David Tennant and now I adore Matt Smith – fez, bowtie, and all. I even figured out River Song before the great reveal.

Needless to say, this trailer for the new season starting in the fall has gotten me extremely excited.

We have Daleks, dinosaurs, weird wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, more daleks – in fact an entire arena of daleks waiting to kill the Doctor…and the Weeping Angels. As scary as some have felt the daleks are, I’d say mostly because of that wholly inhuman voice, the Weeping Angels are truly the most terrifying of all the villains on Who – simply because come at you when you close your eyes. Just that. Sounds too ordinary perhaps, but in practice, frightening.

They seem harmless enough…

Just don’t blink.

The Ponds during a happier time

The knowledge that we are losing Rory and Amy, or Mr. and Mrs. Pond, sits on the edge of everything now. We know it will be heartbreaking and we don’t know that both of them make it out alive. While the relationship that Smith’s Doctor has with his companions is not the romantic one Tennant’s Doctor had with his companion, Rose, the Doctor, Rory, and Amy are truly a family and it will be overwhelmingly emotion to see this family destroyed.

But I guess if we are getting Smith riding a dinosaur on a spaceship, we must take what we can get. And in honor of the new season and its plethora of daleks…

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