Game of Thrones – The Crocheted Starks

Only 23 days till Game of Thrones season 2 premiers…

Best Week Ever continues to be an excellent source of amusing, interesting, and utterly bizarre things.

For example, today this from Lunas Crafts on Etsy:

If winter is coming, they will keep you warm

Love how Bran is seated in the picture, Jon is off to the side like the bastard son he is, and most importantly, Arya has Needle.

(I should point out the BWE has mistakenly spelled it “Starke”. Ned would so not be happy…if he still had his head)

The Starks never did have much of a sense of humor

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2 Responses to Game of Thrones – The Crocheted Starks

  1. maudlin says:

    Aww… look at the little direwolves…

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