SNL Classics: Cooking with the Anal Retentive Chef

There were several of these, possibly the most memorable being the time the Anal Retentive Chef cooked with the Creole chef played by John Goodman. But there is something about the low-level insanity of this Anal Retentive Chef sketch that makes it work.

My sister and I have sat there reciting every single step of how to throw out trash: put your refuse into 2 connected paper towels, wrap that in aluminum foil, put the wrapped aluminum foil package in a brown sandwich bag, which is then taped shut in the center. And on days when I’m dragging down a drippy bag of garbage to the bins, I must say, the system has its pluses…

This sketch also serves as a reminder that there will never be another Phil Hartman. His prissiness never edged into insult and he embodied that character with every single movement and gesture. The man was a comic genius who could do more with a voice and a hat than some can do with an entire studio behind them.

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