Zombie acting tips with Rob Corddry

First off, thanks to Roger Ebert who shared this link.

Second, I cannot recommend the film Warm Bodies enough. I actually got a chance to see it at a sneak preview back in December and I liked the film so much, I’d actually pay to see it again when it finally comes out in February.

As I mentioned earlier, this truly is the zombie rom-com that you’ve been waiting for…even if you didn’t know you were waiting for it. Nicholas Hoult starts the movie out strong with a series of hysterical voice-overs and then manages to keep those voice-overs from becoming annoying – something I can’t say for most movies with voice-overs.

In this clip from Screen Junkies (the same people who bring us the highly amusing “Honest Trailers”), Rob Corddry gives us a master class in zombie acting:

But let’s be honest, Dave Franco steals the show at the end there. Of course you want him to bite you – we all do!

Point being — see this movie!

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