New Trailer: Magic Mike (or Channing Tatum strips)

Did you know that Channing Tatum used to be a stripper? If you didn’t, are you surprised?

When he hosted SNL, they barely let him keep his shirt on for crying out loud. But hey, it’s a nice view.

Steven Soderbergh has decided to see if he could make money from that view.

Now Tatum was amazingly funny in 21 Jump Street, so I’m open to how he’ll handle this role. Funny or not, casting Tatum as a highly successful stripper was really a no-brainer. Neither was casting his fellow strippers: Alex Pettyfer (I am Number 4 and Beastly), Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Matthew Bohmer (White Collar and Blaine’s brother on Glee) and Matthew McConaughey (naked bongo playing).  All of these men look very very nice without their shirts.

Magic Mike and his muscles

Tatum’s Magic Mike rakes in the dough stripping,  in a very athletic manner I must add, but dreams of designing custom furniture. He seems to meet a lady friend who would rather he make said furniture, which to me is just unfair to everyone else.  I’m guessing he listens to her rather than his legions of fans.  We’ll find out in June.

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