Matthew Bohmer’s Transformers Audition from Glee

I watch Glee. I’m not proud of it. I don’t even like it all that much anymore. But I watch it because I started and damnit if I’m not going to finish it.

I’m dedicated like that.

But this season has been making it really tough to stick by that dedication.  Season 1 was new and fun and interesting. The fake baby stuff was stupid, but the rest of it was enough to carry us through. Season 2 muddled along for the most part, but had some good episodes sprinkled in to make me feel I wasn’t totally wasting my time. Season 3, though…this has been rough.

This week’s episode, first one back after a month’s hiatus that kept us on “edge”whether Quinn would survive her car accident (texting whilest driving, tsk), whether Rachel and Finn would get married, and…honestly? I just don’t care.

Not usually my type, but he is pretty dreamy.

However, the good in this week’s episode came in the handsome package of Matthew Bohmer of White Collar and Chuck fame.  He played Blaine’s (Darren Criss) older brother who has some sort of fame due his starring in a Free Credit Report commercial. There was some definite sibling rivalry between them. Not only did I enjoy his acting, and his acting lessons (point and yell a lot), but he is a pretty decent singer.

And yeah, that’s just a great song. Great.

At one point in the episode Bohmer’s character said he got an audition for a new Michael Bay movie, currently titled Untitled, which he said was clearly code for Transformers 4.  And thanks to the glory of the interwebs, we can see his audition tape.  Serious acting genius here.

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3 Responses to Matthew Bohmer’s Transformers Audition from Glee

  1. maudlin says:

    Hey! What a coincidence, I just finished watching an episode of White Collar. (I thought I was all caught up. Turned out I forgot there was a third season. I don’t even know.) It’s insane how good he looks in all his clothes on that show. Amazing.

    I still really love that song, even though it’s so overplayed. And Matt sounds good, doesn’t he?! Better than the other guy anyway…

    • ilmozart says:

      White Collar is one of those shows that I know I should be watching, but just haven’t. There are a few shows like that…
      I think Darren Criss is a fine singer, just gets a wee bit melodramatic for my tastes. I was quite surprised at how well Bohmer sang though, pleasantly surprised.

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