More Arrested Development FINALLY

The usual suspects

Yesterday it was announced the Netflix, who had acquired the rights to do additional episodes of Arrested Development, was going to be airing all 10 of the new episodes on the same day.

That’s right – sometime next year you will be able to spend 5 straight hours (I’m assuming the show will still be a half-hour) with the Bluths, (and possibly Bob Loblaw, Stan Sitwell, Lucille 2, Egg, and Franklin).  This is wonderful news for everyone who had worn out their DVD’s and have been shaking their fists to the heavens in anger over the untimely demise of one of the great sitcoms.

How happy am I? Well, let’s just say the Bluths’ last intervention paints a good picture:

(Do you think I could get Buster to accompany the new shows with his avant-garde piano compositions?)

I personally will pace myself, not wanting to consume all the awesomeness at once. But for people who like everything at once, this will suit them nicely.

No word on the movie, but that hasn’t been totally ruled out…

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