The Doctor Walks 500 Miles

How did I know about this video sooner? Seriously…how??

I love The Doctor, I love the song “500 Miles”, I love watching people pretend to walk…

This video was made at the end of 10’s reign.

Matt Smith, I do love you. But David Tennant will always be my Doctor.

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2 Responses to The Doctor Walks 500 Miles

  1. Wardegus says:

    I loved Christopher Eccleston and I always think of him as my doctor…but David Tennant was an excellent replacement. Loved this video and it was exactly what I needed to see today.

    • ilmozart says:

      I think having seen Eccleston in “Jude” that sort of traumatized me too much to see him as my default Doctor. But I will say, he was the exact right person to bring the Doctor back into the public.

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