Supernatural Season 7 Finale – Purgatory Ho!

Never let it be said that Supernatural doesn’t know how to do a season finale.

Both brothers being slammed by a truck and left for dead. An army of demons unleashed upon the world. Dean getting dragged to Hell. Sam being responsible for the Lucifer’s escape from Hell. Sam throwing himself into Hell to stop Lucifer. Castiel becoming god. Some good times.

So where are we at the end of season 7?

To sum up: Bobby is on his way to becoming a vengeful spirit, going so far as possessing an innocent motel maid to get at Dick Roman. Dick Roman and all his little Leviathan buddies are doing their best to turn humanity into a stupider version of the humans in Wall-E, with the slaughterhouses ready to then turn them into food (sushi made of orphans, anyone?). Castiel is essentially broken, off his rocker, and so unsure of himself he is all but useless. Sam and Dean, once again, have the fate of the world on their oh-so-handsome shoulders.

Dean freaking out that they can only eat “rabbit food” because all good food has the tainted corn syrup

The Winchesters manage to get all the ingredients for the weapon to kill the Leviathans that the prophet Kevin (the sweet Asian kid who can read the word of god) told them about. Getting Crowley’s blood and the blood of an Alpha were both a bit tougher than getting the blood of an angel. As Cas said, he’s always glad to bleed for the Winchesters. Last week they had to buddy up to the Vampire Alpha for his blood. This week they had to once again trust Crowley to get his blood, something that never really ends up well, this time for Meg.

There was an amusing scene of the brothers searching through the ossuary at a nunnery and choosing the right dead nun to use for the weapon. One of Supernatural’s strengths is finding humor – both dark and light – in the most absurd and direst of situations. It is that sick and twisted humor that has keep me coming back every year. (That and the very attractive cast)

So they have the weapon, but some sad business before they use it. There was only so long that Bobby was going to be able to hang around and be Bobby the Friendly Ghost. In a scene that we knew had to come, Sam and Dean burned flask that tied Bobby’s soul to this plane. It was hard enough saying goodbye to him when he died the first time, the second time was no easier, even though it was all too necessary. No one wanted to remember Bobby as one of those ghosts that the boys would have hunted in the first couple of seasons, being warded off with salt and iron. Better he go now before that ever had to happen.

But what of Dick Roman and his army of merry human-eating Leviathans?

A Leviathan about to snack

Dick Roman, making the world safe for Leviathans.

They are still barreling forward with their nefarious, human harvesting plans – now corn syrup is even more evil than ever. Knowing what the boys knew from the word of god, Dick replicated Dick Romans everywhere. So which was the right Dick to stab with the blood covered bone of a dead nun? (See, I write these things and then have to shake my head that this show makes it all seem so normal) Enter poor Fruit Loops himself, Castiel. As the former host to all the Leviathans, Cas can see through the image they portray to the world, and point out the real Dick Roman.

Castiel, breaking apart at the seams

Misha Collins has really been amazing as Castiel. From rebellious angel who tore Dean from Hell, to misguided fallen angel who absorbed all of purgatory into himself in an effort to take control, to blissed out cult leader organizing orgies in an alternate future. Now, Castiel only wants to keep bees, he gathers the honey himself. He’s also up for a game of Twister if anyone is interested. After breaking the world, he wants to remain out of the way. Cas knows he has much to make up to Sam and Dean, especially Dean, but lacks the language and capability to do so. By agreeing to join the boys on their attempt to kill Dick Roman and end the Leviathans, it’s his attempt to fix the past.

And while it all works out and Dick is killed…this is Supernatural and there is at least one more season. Dean and Cas disappear along with Dick, and end up with him in Purgatory. You remember Purgatory, right? The place where all the super scary monsters are from. And if the red eyes that stare out at Dean from the blackness are any indication, they still abound there. Cas lets Dean know where they are, but then vanishes.

As for Sam, Crowley is all that is left in the lab. After having Meg taken back to Hell for torture, Crowley turns to Sam and hammers home the fact that Sam is completely and truly alone. Bobby is gone for good. Castiel and Dean are cast off to purgatory. There is no one for him. While Dean had to deal for Sam being gone at the beginning of season 6, he had Bobby to help him with the grief.

Both Winchester boys are utterly alone for the first time. And we have several months before we know how they finally reconnect.

The best part of the season finales is “The Road So Far…” opening sequence, set to Kansas’s Carry On My Wayward Son. I couldn’t find the version for this season yet, but here is last year’s finale opening

And for those of you who are jonesing for even more…seasons 1-6.

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