CW Renews Supernatural – Lovers of eye-candy rejoice!

Even though I haven’t written about Supernatural, it is easily one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Two (very attractive) brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester fight evil. Evil in the form of folklore, ghosts, and especially demons.

Jensen “Dean” Ackles

Jared “Sam” Padalecki

It was the demons that really gave Supernatural it’s unique spin. The show created its own mythology around these demons, leading to a possible apocalypse and final showdown between good and evil…or sorta good and really evil. (Spoiler: The apocalypse didn’t happen).

Plus the show created an amazing way to be self-referential by creating a writer who wrote books about the Winchesters, as if they were fictional beings. There was even an episode where they met their biggest fan. She was intense. Not to mention the episode entitled “The French Mistake” (kudos to you Mel Brooks fans who get that reference) where Sam and Dean are thrust into our world where they are Jared and Jensen. Hilarity ensues.

Apart from the engaging mythology, Supernatural gives us humor. Oh the humor! Hard to imagine a show about brothers hunting down the demon that killer their mother also being funny, but it is. There is always humor to be found at the end of the world, even when your own brother has been taken over by Lucifer and you are fighting him AND a bunch of angels who want you to become Michael the archangel.

See? Funny.

Supernatural also gives us a great cast of supporting characters. Deadwood‘s Jim Beaver as Bobby, the brother’s erstwhile father and mentor. Just the thought of Bobby and I think of the word “idjit!” And the angel/new God, Castiel played by Misha Collins. He matches Jared and Jensen’s low, scratchy talking and gives them a run for their money on the sexy. Not to mention that Misha’s twitter feed is amazing. Here is his response to the news that the show was renewed:

Here is his photo, so you can put a face to the funny:

Sexy photo of Misha

Silly photo of Misha

But at its core the show is about Sam and Dean. These are brothers who have literally held each other’s lives in their hands. Both have died, gone to hell, gone to heaven, and been brought back to life. They watched the people they love die right in front of them and occasionally caused those deaths. You believe Sam and Dean love each and would do anything for each other. So that is why even when the plot has meandered, I keep watching. For Sam, for Dean, and for their awesome Chevy Impala.

’67 Chevy Impala – Dean’s baby

To get you in the mood for another Winchester-tastic season of Supernatural, I present to you the following:

@supernatural #supernatural

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3 Responses to CW Renews Supernatural – Lovers of eye-candy rejoice!

  1. Wardegus says:

    I’ve always heard people obsess about Supernatural. I just was never a big CW fan. And I think I got it confused with the Smallville which I had very little interest in. I’ve totally put this in my netflix queue because of this post.

    • ilmozart says:

      It really is worth watching. Season 1 take a while to build up, but the finale is just killer. The CW can be so touch and go, and with so much of the shows being teeny-bopper type stuff, it’s easy to see why people would have ignored Supernatural. Let me know how you like!

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