The Future of the Good Bad Movie

If you love movies and you’re not following Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago) on twitter, you’re missing out.  I don’t know if it’s because this is one of his more direct ways to communicate now that he can longer speak or that his general style lends itself to 140 characters, but his tweets are usually funny and occasionally thought provoking.

His feed is also a great resource for articles about movies, politics, and the world at large. Most recently, he linked to an article, Razzies vs the Oscars, on the BBC’s website about the dearth of really good bad movies.

The article states, “There are two types of bad movies: boring films with lacklustre scripts and ho-hum acting, or outlandish, offensive bombs with over-the-top performances, awful jokes and unbelievable plot lines.”  While we are bombarded with the former, the question is whether we are starting to lose out on the latter.

For many people, one of the best worst movies around is Showgirls, that Elizabeth Berkeley stunner with a pool sex scene for the ages.

A true classic

This is a movie which would fall into the second category of bad movies: terrible dialog, highly overblown acting, and a ridiculous plot.  The Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association named it the Worst Film of 1996.  It also won multiple Razzies including Worst Film of the Decade and whatever it didn’t win it was nominated for. Showgirls should be viewed at least once a year.

Another movie that I find to be a good bad movie is the old Edward D. Wood Jr. chestnut, Plan 9 From Outer Space.  (And yes, that is the movie Jerry wanted to go see in the Seinfeld episode, The Chinese Restaurant)  Unlike Glen or Glenda, this one is somewhat watchable if not horrifically terrible.  The trailer truly does the movie itself justice.

But what about really bad movies that are not as enjoyable, that are just bad?  The article suggests the film Priest which barely made a blip when it was released, though Paul Bettany continues to break my heart with this onslaught of crap. I submit the film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, of which I have expressed my many views.  This is not to mention the slew of just awful chick-flick films that have crowded the theaters (Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Something Borrowed, Bride Wars, The Ugly Truth….etc)

This year’s Razzies Nominations were dominated by Adam Sandler, who broke records by being nominated for both Worst Actor and Worst Actress for his film Jack and Jill. Although I have yet to see this masterpiece – and I emphasize yet – there is so much about the movie that recommends it.  My god, Al Pacino, Micheal Coreleone himself, falls in love with Jill, which is just Adam Sandler in a bad dress.  How does one not see that??

As we head into spring and as the start of the summer release creeps earlier and earlier every year, what other terrible/wonderful films are to be released this year? And, as the article finished, will the good bad film become extinct as the bad bad movie takes precedence?  With The Lorax coming out as this weekend’s highest grossing film…I do worry.

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