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Lady Gaga, Lisa Simpson, and Self Esteem

There is a breaking point and I worry that I hit mine last night, because after 23 seasons, I’m actually ready to stop watching the Simpsons. Why, you might ask? What was it that threw me over the fence?  Lisa … Continue reading

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Simpsons’ Springfield revealed – Is this the beginning of the end?

One of the unspoken rules was that we didn’t know where the Springfield from The Simpsons really resided.  It could Massachusetts, Oregon, Illinois…or nowhere. And creator Matt Groening always said he wouldn’t tell us where it was, if indeed it … Continue reading

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Wil Wheaton Speaks the Truth

Wil Wheaton, aka Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation aka Gordy LaChance from Stand By Me aka Wil Wheaton, Sheldon’s nemesis from The Bang Theory, is a pretty funny guy. Last week he tweeted something (@wilw) that just seemed … Continue reading

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