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The Moby Song

One of the great quandries in life is answering the question, “Is that Moby?” Luckily a gentleman in the UK named Adam Buxton created this nifty song to help us in our quest. To be honest, some of those photos … Continue reading

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Newer Trailers Alert: Looper and Total Recall

I figured since these weren’t new in that we’ve already seen trailers for Looper and Total Recall, I could bundle these. Plus they are both sci-fi flicks, so the pairing makes total sense. First, Looper with Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, … Continue reading

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New Trailer: Looper

From Rian Johnson, the director Brick, that noirish film that came out a few years ago… This sounds intriguing…rubbing people out from the future in the past. Like time-traveling mafia hit men. And it’s got Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. And Emily … Continue reading

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