So I’m supposed to write something about myself here. Hrm… Clearly I love me some movies and TV.  I mean, I love them a lot, some might even say too much. Those people are wrong.

I currently live in the Northeast, but have also lived on the West Coast; I prefer the East Coast, sorry LA.  I like to read and despite some quite serious rants against the evils of the e-book, I recently purchased a Kindle and it changed my life.  I own an iPhone but hate Apple and am currently using a 5 year old Dell laptop despite the fact that it has “blue screen of death”ed me several times in the past month.

OK, I have to update this. Just bought a MacBook Pro. And god forgive me, I’m liking it. I’m liking it a lot….

I’ll watch almost anything once, except for movies based on Nicholas Sparks books. My favorite movies are Ghostbusters and Amadeus and I wish someone would make a mash-up.  There is nothing that a good Simpsons quote can’t describe and if there is, I don’t want to experience it.

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