Trailer: Catching Fire

While I didn’t adore The Hunger Games, I’m more interested in Catching Fire after seeing this trailer. It very clearly veers away from the book, but for the purposes of a movie, I can understand why.

Because we can’t be in Katniss’s head, we need more. I just hope this “more” works better than the “more” in The Hunger Games when we saw the behind-the-scenes in the Gamekeeper’s room, which didn’t really work for me at all.

On the positive side of things, the outfits seem to be pretty fantastic this time around as well, without any of that fake fire. And it’s great to see Jennifer Lawrence back in kick-ass mode. I’m also delighted that they replaced Gary Ross. While I can’t say for sure if Francis Lawrence is the best choice, I will always watch Constantine when it’s on TV and if nothing else, I Am Legend looked great.

I guess the countdown to November begins now…

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