And now there’s a True Blood Cookbook. Of course.

So now this is a thing, is it?

Unless it has recipes with real human blood, I’m not interested

Cookbooks based on movies or TV shows seems to be all the rage – The Hunger Games has one, Game of Thrones has two, Mad Men has one, The Sopranos would obviously have one, and even Downton Abbey has an unofficial cookbook. I suppose I should not be surprised that they have added HBO’s love letter to vampires and really screwed up relationships, True Bloodinto the mix.

Watching Alan Ball justify this thing it’s not entirely bizarre. But I shudder to think of all the punny names the recipes will have. There really are only so many ways to joke about food having blood in it or have wordplay based around the concept of biting… And with the abundance of supernatural beings on this show, I am sure the pun-well will not run dry.

Personally I want to see a Fear Factor cookbook. Let’s see them try to make that palatable.

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