New Trailer Alert: Man of Steel (both versions)

There are two versions of this teaser trailer for next summer’s Superman movie that we all hope to be the Batman Begins of Superman movies.

The sad sad Superman Returns (2006) was meant to be that dark reboot, but instead it was just mostly boring.

Both versions of the teaser have the same visuals, the exact same images. Both have the same haunting, Tree of Life-esque music in the background. Both end with Superman disappearing into the skies.

But what is different is the message, one version voiced by Superman’s birth father Jor-El, originally played by Marlon Brando here played by Russell Crowe, and the second voice by Jonathan Kent, his adoptive father, here played by Kevin Costner.

The Jor-El/Crowe version emphasizes Superman’s higher purpose, to give humanity something to strive towards. Superman will help mankind “accomplish wonder”, in time.

The Jonathan Kent/Costner version is far less insistent. He recognizes the uniqueness of his son, telling him, “You’re not just anyone” but rather than dictate who his son is, he reminds him that he will need to make a choice and “decide what kind of man you want to be.”

Cavill as the Man of Steel

Superman, like so many other superheroes is man made of dichotomies. He is literally a man of two worlds and I find it fascinating that we get both worlds in these teasers.

It gives me hope that this new movie directed by Zach Snyder might actually delve into Superman’s psyche and not just give us the attractive Henry Cavill in the iconic blue and red suit.

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