New Trailer Alert: Sleepwalk with Me

Mike Birbiglia – or Birbigs –  might be familiar to some of you as a regular contributor on NPR’s This American Life. Or he might be familiar to some of you as Lena Dunham’s interviewer on the second episode of HBO’s Girls. Or he might be familiar to some of you as a stand up comedian.

Whatever the reason, he’s a guy you should be aware of.

And after Sleepwalk with Me comes out, I think you will be.

Birbiglia is a sleepwalker. Not the sort that mumbles a little and goes to the bathroom half-awake, but the sort that could walk outside in front of a moving car and get himself killed. He talked about a particularly harrowing sleepwalking experience on This American Life, which was an excerpt from his one-man show with the same name as his new movie. (He has had a second one-man show called My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend)

The movie, co-written by This American Life host Ira Glass, seems to focus on Birbiglia’s sleepwalking problem, which here stems from his relationship issues with girlfriend Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under. In the film his sister is getting married and that in turn puts intense pressure on his own very long-term-but-not-yet-married relationship. But the film is as equally involved with his stand up career and comedy in general. Guest appearances by Kristen Schaal (Louise on Bob’s Burgers) and podcast king Marc Maron should make this really interesting.

The film was a big hit when it premiered at Sundance earlier in the year, so my expectations are high on this one.

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5 Responses to New Trailer Alert: Sleepwalk with Me

  1. Really excited about this one. Love his stand-up and didn’t know this was a narrative film instead of a stand-up film.

    • ilmozart says:

      Indeed. I couldn’t find this great story I heard him do on The Moth.
      It was about going to a wedding with his long term girlfriend and the major tensions it caused. It would seem he is using his personal life in his stand up and his fiction.

  2. Amanda B. says:

    I have literally been a fan of his for YEARS. I would forward on his Secret Public Journal email newsletter to my friends (about ten years ago). I can’t for this movie! AND. It comes out on my birthday!! Woo!

  3. Amanda B. says:

    Also, I’m only two degrees away from him- he went to Gordon’s high school!!

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