Game of Thrones – Write Like the Wind, GRRM

Two pieces of GoT related news today…so far.

Piece the first:

Remember all the hubub about George W. Bush’s head on a spike? Well, after all the apologies and edits and changes, here is what that head now looks like, non-W-afeid:

Head on a spike -GWB and non. (Vulture)

So that half of a second that we didn’t notice before will now be even less noticeable. Good job HBO! Good thing you groveled.


Piece the second:

Comedy songsters Paul and Storm have put into words what we are all thinking – George R.R. Martin ain’t getting any younger and we still have two more HUGE books to go before the Song of Ice and Fire is at an end. And we’re worried.

Some things that made me laugh:

– hey, it’s Vork from The Guild!
– referring to GRRM as a “great bearded glacier”
– “6 pages of every last meal” (clearly GRRM likes to write when hungry)
– the call back to Neil Gaiman’s statement how GRRM is not our “bitch”
– fencing with fried chicken legs

It is a concern that the HBO show will outpace GRRM’s novel writing; we’re already waiting 10 months between each season, how much more can we take?

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