Today’s Game of Thrones Post

I recently realized I’m writing something about Game of Thrones every day. And for good reason, the show is brilliant, the cast is brilliant, and it’s tendrils are slowly creeping into pop culture, spreading the good word.

So I thought that perhaps instead of posting every time I saw something and thought “ooh! cool!”, I’d wait till I had at least 2 cool things.

Here are my 2 cool things for today…

Cool thing the first:
The Game of Thrones panel at the San Diego Comic-Con this year will be held in the cavernous hall H. This is a big honor as this is the hall reserved for the most popular of panels.  I am reading this as GoT has become a show that is widely recognized for its excellence and huge fan base. For reference – this is the hall that sees the panels for big time programs/movies like Lost and The Avengers. Big win here folks.

Cool thing the second:
Tis the season for political attack ads – Republican versus Democrats are de rigueur.  But what about Stark versus Lannister…? Mother Jones put out a great series of Game of Thrones themed attack ads that will sound all too similar to what we are bombarded with during an election year.

Would you trust your children with a woman who can’t keep track of her dragons?

What is the real deal with King Joffrey and what is he hiding? What a bastard.

King in the North? Or Celebrity in the North?

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