Watch New Wilfred Episode Online – A Dog and His Man

Sometimes you need the show a little leg* to generate buzz… Showtime and Episodes knows this and apparently so does FX and Wilfred.

(*And by leg I mean previewing an entire episode online before said episode will actually air on television)

The US version of the Aussie show about a dog and his man had a somewhat uneven first season, though I could watch Wilfred (Jason Gann) and his relationship with his teddy bear for many episodes. Elijah Wood’s totally depressed Ryan has served as a nice way for Mr. Wood to escape always being known as Frodo.

Gann and Wood (right to left)

The gist: Ryan has quit his job as a lawyer and is trying to figure out new ways to kill himself when he befriends his new (and attractive) female neighbor and her dog, who Ryan sees as a giant person in a dog suit. Everyone else sees Wilfred as a dog, of course, which makes Ryan question whether he’s nuts. But mostly Ryan just enjoys smoking up with his new buddy. His new buddy, however, is not as good natured and well intentioned as he might seem…

Of all the comedies on FX, Wilfred seems to be lagging behind shows like Louie, The League, Archer, and the brilliant It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There is a degree of suspension of disbelief required for Wilfred that isn’t there for the other shows and the humor in Wilfred is just downright weird at times – but a really good weird.

Conceptually not so strange. Visually, another story

Hulu has posted the first episode of the second season, which will officially premiere on June 28 on FX.

Worth a watch, even if just to watch Gann who is an absolute comic delight and looks dapper in his dirty, ratty, matted dog costume.

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