Get to Know Comedian David O’Doherty

Back in September 2010, I was listening to the Nerdist podcast live from Bumbershoot and heard this insanely funny Irish comedian, David O’Doherty. He had funny songs, he made funny quips…just all around funny.

But later when I tried to look up more of his material, I had forgotten his name. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it nor could I remember exactly what those really funny songs were.

(Yes, I realize now that is what Google is for. It just took me almost 2 years to come to that realization, no need to point it out internet.)

Last night, however, during Comedy Central’s Friday night stand up fest, I caught Mr. O’Doherty’s half hour special and realized that THIS was the guy I’d been trying to remember for almost 2 years. And thankfully, he was just as hilarious as I’d remembered.

Here’s a taste of comedy stylings…

The FAQ of the DOD:

The dangers of texting:

I live in constant fear of doing that. Same with emails…stupid technology.

He has also been doing this great song series “My Beefs of [insert year here]”



And he manages to be entertaining on twitter (@phlaimeaux ):

Point is…the guy is funny. Go watch/listen.

Oh — and he co-wrote the book 100 Facts About Pandas. These facts are all true.

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