Tony Tony Tony

With all that was on TV last night, I really only watched the first hour of the Tonys. Yes, I know, bad me.

But honestly, the only thing we really care about is the opening with Neil Patrick Harris…and apparently the closing rap this year which wasn’t really a rap or really any good, or so I’ve heard. I was too busy watching Don Draper answer a tough question on the season finale of Mad Men. (Yes Don, we are all alone aren’t we?)

So for those of you who didn’t see it or want to relive it…the opening of the Tonys.

First the fantastic Book of Mormon “Hello” open:

I hate to say it, but I really miss Josh Gad. His last show was last week and the new Elder Cunningham has some big shoes to fill. I can’t even begin to talk about Andrew Rannells leaving BOM…

This was followed by NPH’s opening song, which struck me as OK and mostly under-rehearsed. What was Amanda Seyfried doing…?

And the list of winners. You go Once!

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