True Blood – Another new trailer

While the first True Blood trailer introduced us to more of the Authority (and Chris Meloni) than we had previously seen and the teaser was just some good tongue in cheek humor, we do get more of a whiff of what’s to come when the show returns on June 10. And thank god it looks like fun because I will be in mourning over the end of another season of Game of Thrones.

So it would seem that Sookie is using her fairy powers a bit more, Andy is once again anti-vamp, the rift between Pam and Eric hasn’t fully healed, and Lafayette is not really aboard the Sookie train now that Tara is dead and buried in Sook’s backyard.

I’m cool with all of that.

But, again, the best part of these trailers is the resuscitation of Russell Edgington. While “I want to gorge on human blood because I like it” doesn’t have the same ring as “We will eat you after we eat your children,” he seems as batshit crazy as ever.

Also in True Blood news, AfterElton compiled the 30 greatest True Blood moments. I appreciate the lack of Marnie, but where’s Franklin and his amazing texting abilities?

And, for your reference:
Trailer 1

Don’t Cry Promo

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