New Trailer Alert: Skyfall

Craig. Daniel Craig.

James Bond films are something that I don’t think about until they’re shoved in my face by studio marketing, and then I’m usually interested.

I have been enjoying Daniel Craig as Bond. He’s not as smooth as Pierce Brosnan, as cheesy sauve as Sean Connery, or as awful as Roger Moore. He’s rough around the edges and deadly sexy.  And cleans up nicely.

The plot for this new one, Skyfall? Eh, who knows and honestly, who cares? It’ll be like the other Bond films, possibly better, possibly worse. As long as it’s not with Denise Richards, I’m happy.

My one complaint about this teaser trailer is that everything is just too dark. I understand he’s a spy, but does nothing happen during the day?

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  1. Wilson Karas says:

    Daniel Craig is one of the best actors that plays James Bond. he is really very talented and can really act well. I think that he will be able to make more james bond films in the future. .:**;

    Yours trully“>

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