The Mindy Project – Fox’s Answer to Girls?

Looks better than this photo would have you believe

As Kelly Kapoor on The Office, Mindy Kaling was always surprising. She took a character that could have been truly awful and managed to make her sympathetic and funny rather than annoying and trying.

Turns out, she’s a pretty funny person in real life too. So much so that she got her own show on Fox next season.

Given a drunken speech at your ex’s wedding, never a good idea

The vibe on the show reminds me of HBO’s Girls, but networkified a bit. It’s got a bit more of the joke setup-punchline feel, though that could be the trailer.  It also clearly has a slew of great comedic and dramatic actors: Ed Helms, Bill Hader, Anna Camp, Richard Schiff, and Chris Messina. Not bad there, Ms. Kaling.

The comedy in the show seems really sharp without being like every sitcom on TV right now. The entire sequence on the bike was great; Barbie can really be a total bitch. Also, I totally agree: wealth of Bloomberg, personality of Jon Stewart, face and penis of Michael Fassbender. Amen.

Of course I don’t really buy her as an OB/GYN but hey, it’s TV.

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