The Ghostbusters Tour of New York

Who you gonna call?

If you love Ghostbusters, and let’s face it if you don’t I think there are bigger problems here, there is some part of you that wants to visit all the great sites from the movie.

Luckily, someone had not only the desire but the impetus to get off their asses and actually do it.

I will say that the first time I ever went to Columbia, I too reenacted the scene where Venkman and Stanz are commiserating about being fired from the university. It was a golden moment in my life.

Plus, and this could in theory be my memory playing tricks on me, I vaguely remember my school bus being rerouted when it got to Columbus Circle because the movie was filming there. If that’s true, I’m so super cool. If not…I have a super cool imagination.

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