Game of Thrones – Animated Extras

It’s time like this that really make me wish I had a blu ray player…

that on the season 1 blu ray edition Game of Thrones, there are apparently dozens of animated shorts, voiced by the actual actors, that explain everything that is really going on behind what we see happen on the show. Things like…

The story of the Night’s Watch and the Wall

The History of House Targaryen

The History of House Lannister

The Lore of the Children of the Forest

The History and Lore of Valyria and the Dragon

The Sack of Kings Landing from the Baratheon Perspective

And of course, the History of House Stark

And much more. i09 has linked to many of these.

I’ve only seen a few so far, but these are incredible. The animation style suits the show superbly and having the actual characters narrate grounds the stories in the reality of the show.

For anyone who is confused, these will be a godsend. For anyone who understand everything that led up to Ned Stark going south to become King Robert’s Hand, they will just be the icing on the cake.

(Thanks to Fudge for the heads up on this)

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