Game of Thrones: Garden of Bones, first thoughts

This is an immediate reaction post.

I know I’m a week behind in my recaps (just got a new working computer and catching up on things), but I had to comment on tonight’s GoT episode as soon as it was over.

Tonight’s episode was easily the most brutal one they’ve done to date. We saw Joffrey not only have one his guards beat the crap out of Sansa, he forced Roz to violate a fellow working girl; we saw the gory remnants of the battlefield and a scene right out of the Civil War hospital section in Gone with the Wind; we saw the absolute horrors of Harrenhal and torturers who must have read the end of 1984; and we saw Melisandre give birth to something that resembled pure evil.

Only Harrenhal shot available...Twyin riding to the rescue, though I'm sure not intentionally

Oh, and Cat got Ned’s head back in a box in the most touching scene of the episode.

I must watch this again, and regain my composure, before tearing this episode apart, scene by scene, limb by limb.

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