HBO renews Game of Thrones for 3rd season; fans everywhere say “duh”

Entertainment Weekly just reported that HBO has renewed Game of Thrones for a third season, surprising no one.

This was announced on the heels of the second episode keeping 97% of the viewing audience from the 2nd season premiere, which translates into 3.9 million an episode. Pretty good for something that is only for D&D fans.

While the first season focused on the first book of the George RR Martin series A Song of Ice and Fire and the second season on the second book, the third season is probably going to focus on half of the third book. A Storm of Swords is just huge (the paperback version clocks in at a healthy 1,216 pages) and an insane amount happens, not to mention introducing even more new characters and making this world that much bigger. So it would make sense to split it.

This is great, if not at all shocking, news for all of us GoT fans, as well as the cast members who survive this season.

To celebrate, let us watch Joffrey get slapped a bunch.

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