New Trailer: Lola Versus

Lola Versus starring Greta Gerwig

In Lola Versus, a new film brought to us by the studio that produced (500) Days of Summer (aka Fox Searchlight in an oddly place promo there), Greta Gerwig is Lola, a young woman living in NY whose fiance breaks it off with her three weeks before the wedding. And it seems she then has to figure out who she is and what she wants.  But in a quirky, indie fashion.

So another indie movie, right?  Maybe. Maybe not.

I sorta love Greta Gerwig, not only because her name is Greta and she voices Pony on China, IL on Adult Swim (watch it, it’s super sick and twisted), but she’s figured out how to be awkward and uneasy in her own skin without being totally unappealing.  Something she and Lena Dunahm seem to have in common.

This movie also stars Joel Kinnaman, the non-gum chewing partner in AMC’s The Killing. I watched the first season and while I didn’t love the show, I enjoyed him.

Some of the lines are quite funny, “I’m eating – I’m POWER eating” and the even stranger line, “I didn’t want to be a prison architect, that somehow just happened.”
Plus I always like a movie that dispels the myth that all women feel comfortable walking in heels, cuz that’s some serious bullshit.  Seriously.

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