“Taffy Butt” Cyndi Lauper for Bob’s Burgers

Ok, so this is a few weeks late, but I couldn’t find it…

Entertainment Weekly posted the song Cyndi Lauper sang at the end of The Belchies, the Bob’s Burgers season 2 premiere.

As with the rest of the episode, it is (now) clearly it is a spoof of this:

I love how her videos from that era had such bizarre stories…and Lou Albano (what is up with those rubber bands??).  That being said, the framing story in this video is just quite loosely related The Goonies and only truly feels like a music video from the movie in the 80’s once the clips started rolling in.

Also, nice Goonies visual on Happy Endings, with Max dressed as Josh Brolin

Adam Pally as Max as Brand

Josh "W" Brolin as Brand in the Goonies

(thanks to http://imwithkanye.tumblr.com/ for these images)

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