SNL Classics: The Washing Machine

The Piano. Mud, mutes, and sex.

True story: I went to see The Piano on a first date.  That’s right, a movie where you see some serious sexual situations AND Harvey Keitel’s ass was something I experienced on a first date. Oh, and it was in Israel where there was an intermission, so we had time to sit around and be super uncomfortable with each other before watching the second half of the film.  Good times.

Luckily, The Piano is a brilliant movie.  The soundtrack by Michael Nyman alone has been the soundtrack to many moments in my life.  Holly Hunter’s portrayal of Ada, a mute woman sent to New Zealand to marry a man she didn’t know with only her bratty daughter, a young Anna Paquin, and her piano to her name.  There she meets up with Baines, a man gone native played by Harvey Keitel.  And essentially, they bang.

SNL did this amazing parody with Ellen Cleghorn as the Holly Hunter character, Tim Meadows as Anna Paquin’s oblivious and totally obnoxious Flora, and the inimitable Phil Hartman as Keitel’s Baines.

We don’t see Hartman’s ass though.  I guess that’s a blessing.

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