ParaNorman – Stop Motion Spookiness

I love stop motion animation.  Tim Burton and Henry Selick’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Selick’s Coraline (based on the fabulous Neil Gaiman “kids” book of the same name) are prime examples of how this painstakingly created art form can be done and done well.  There is a depth and reality to this animation that you don’t get from computer generated animation, even those with really well done 3D.

The latest from Laika, the production company that brought us Coraline, is ParaNorman about a boy, Norman Babcock, who is seen as a bit of a weirdo and just happens to be able to see and speak to the dead.  He and his friends has to battle an army of supernatural forces, as well as the worst of all – adults – to save his hometown of Blithe Hollow from a centuries-old witch’s curse.

Considering its pedigree and looking at the amazing cast (Kodi Smit-McPhee from The Road and Let Me In, John Goodman, Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick, Casey Affleck, and even Tempestt “Vanessa Huxtable” Bledsoe), this should be great.

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