Billy on the Street – Oscars Edition

Ok, last Oscars-related post for a while. I pinkie promise.

Billy on the Street is this amazing show on IFC that started as a series on Funny or Die.  Comedian Billy Eichner essentially runs around New York with a camera, a microphone and some chutzpah, asking unsuspecting New Yorkers (or those visiting) questions about pop culture.  The answer is usually whatever he deems correct, facts be damned.

The show is so successful it has been picked up for a second season. Watch it.

Here is his Oscars edition.  No, I don’t know what movie is in me either.
I wish I could just run up to people and yell “MONEYBALL!”. Sigh.

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Pop culture addict. Reading enthusiast. Music lover. Occasional believer in the city of Atlantis.
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